Neurocognitive Linguistics Laboratory v1.0.3 Released

I have made a new release (v1.0.3) of the Neurocognitive Linguistics Laboratory software.

The program is available for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux at:

PLEASE NOTE: if you used the v1.0.2 Windows installer to install v1.0.2, please uninstall it before installing v1.0.3.

This update contains a few bug fixes and some internal improvements:

  • Link rendering is more friendly and efficient.
  • Plugins can now be loaded on OS X.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when loading files containing self-links.
  • Bug fix: fixed crash when creating new items after multiple items were selected.

Please see the changelog for further details:

The Neurocognitive Linguistics Lab (“NeuroLab” for short) is a program that allows you to experiment with the relational networks of Sydney Lamb’s neurocognitive linguistics model using a convenient GUI, and record the results of your experiments in tabular form.