IronMeta 4.0 Released

I have released version 4.0 of the IronMeta parser generator.

This release contains some refactoring for VS2015, and no longer tries to install the VS extension; instead, the extension is available in the VS Gallery.

The IronMeta parser generator provides a programming language and application for generating pattern matchers on arbitrary streams of objects. It is an implementation of Alessandro Warth’s OMeta system in C#.

Software Releases

In the past couple of months I have released new versions of NeuroLab and IronMeta.

NeuroLab version 1.2.3 is a maintenance release containing numerous fixes:

  • Fixed grid generation after resize.
  • Fixed grid viewer not always reflecting latest grid status.
  • Fixed grid saving and loading losing grid network.
  • Fixed activation gradient rendering for links of length greater than 1.
  • Fixed inhibition for links of length greater than 1.
  • Source code fixes and refactoring.

IronMeta version 2.3 contains the following:

  • Made generated code more general so it is now possible to combine parsers by inheritance or encapsulation.
  • Added the ability to use anonymous object literals in rules. They match by comparing their public properties with the input object’s properties.
  • Fixed a bug where string and char literals were not correctly handled in parsers whose input was not of type char.
  • Fixed an off-by-one error in input enumerables.
  • Generated code now compiles with Mono.