I like life uneventful. Probably because childhood and teen years were entirely too eventful.

I’ve had Emily to myself the last two nights, as Andrea is getting back into work via special events. The first night, she yelled continuously from after dinner until midnight. Last night, she played and had fun. Go figure.

She’s a pretty smart little cookie, too. She knows she’s not allowed to climb the stairs by herself, so last night she wandered over to them and yelled “Daddy, daddy, daddy!” to get me to come watch her climb. A first both for calling me, and for not just saying her usual “Enh! Enh!”

I’ve gotten an Android phone, and it’s nice, except for not being small enough to fit in my pants pocket. But having games and net access on the bus is cool. I haven’t gotten around to exploring development, yet, as I am trying to get my latest project to properly find all its frameworks on the Mac.