Regent Retreat

Went with Andrea & Emily to the Regent College all-campus retreat over the weekend. Andrea of course was working hard, leading the music for the sessions in her usual thoughtful and accomplished style, but I actually had a pretty lazy time, hanging out with Emily at the playground and putting her to bed early. This was nice, since I had a ferocious cold.

Emily Grace Adele Tisher

Emily SleepingTummy Time!

I’m sure most everybody who would like to know has found out from email or on Facebook, but Andrea’s and my daughter Emily was born last Tuesday. She is the cutest little thing in the world.

Labour took about 18 hours, but went quite well, all things considering (Andrea might disagree, of course :-). After an hour of pushing, out came Emily all wide awake and squalling.

There were a few pretty sleepless nights since, but she’s now sleeping longer periods, and we are settling into something like a new pattern of life.

The Nominee Is…

Just to brag a bit: the melodious Andrea’s album Awake the Sacred Song has been nominated for “Classical/Traditional Album of the Year” at the Covenant Awards, the Gospel Music Association of Canada’s annual awards. One of the songs on the album, “Christ the Life of the Soul“, has also been nominated as “Classical/Traditional Song of the Year”.

For a debut album to be up there with the likes of Steve Bell is a not inconsiderable accomplishment. I’m proud of you, Andrea!