Legislation by Police

Seems somebody repealed Section 494 of Canada’s Criminal Code, which provides for citizen’s arrests, without telling anybody. A shopkeeper who caught a thief and locked him up until police arrived is now charged with kidnapping, among other things.

We’re from the government, and we’re here to help. Oh, and that little thing called the Law? In yer dreams, pal.

And shame on the Globe and Mail for using the term “vigilante” and omitting any mention of the concept of the citizen’s arrest!

Good News for Freedom of Speech in Canada

The federal Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (the body that decides the cases that the “Human Rights” Commission persues) has declared that Section 13 of the Human Rights code (the “pre-crime” section — it allows extra-legal persecution of speech that is “likely to expose someone to ridicule”) violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This is great news in the fight against the wholly corrupt Canadian “Human Rights” commissions.

Letter to The Honourable Alice Wong, M.P.

Dear Ms. Wong:

I read with more than a little dismay that the federal privacy commissioner has dismissed a complaint that the Canadian Human Rights Commision hijacked a private citizen’s internet connection to post racist material on a white-supremacist website, citing “a lack of evidence”.

The evidence in question was not in doubt. It consists of sworn testimony in a hearing on March 25, 2008, by Alain Monfette of Bell Canada (pp. 5645-5646 of the transcript here).

Why would the privacy commissioner ignore such sworn testimony, and allow a federal agency to invade the privacy of a citizen of Canada, especially for the purpose of posting racist material on the internet?

In addition, the privacy commissioner has the gall to say, “This Office cautions individuals to take appropriate measures to properly secure their Internet connections to avoid any unauthorized uses of their personal information.”

This is like saying “Be careful to build a fence around your yard, lest the police drive across your lawn.”

Will the Conservative Party step up to preserve the rights of Canadians to not only the privacy of their own property, but to the rights of free speech and association that have been repeatedly violated by the federal and provincial “human rights” commissions?

Note that Warren Kinsella of recent infamy has long been a supporter of the “human rights” commissions. Birds of a feather…

As someone who grew up in a third-world dictatorship, it saddens me that those who have a duty to preserve the freedoms that make Canada and Canadian society a beacon for people from around the globe are failing that duty, and ignoring clear violations of the rights of ordinary citizens. I hope that you and the Conservative Party will be working to rectify the situation.

Thank you for your kind attention.


— Gordon Tisher