Way Up in the Middle of the Air

The Winter Olympics start in two weeks, and there is much activity at the Vancouver airport. The sound of high-powered turbine aircraft engines fills the air.

My office is right under the approach path to runway 26L, so I see CF-18 Hornet fighter jets


and CH-146 Griffin helicopters


flying around several times a day.

Rumor has it that two Halifax-class frigates

HMCS Vancouver
HMCS Vancouver

will be anchored offshore to provide extra air defense.

Legislation by Police

Seems somebody repealed Section 494 of Canada’s Criminal Code, which provides for citizen’s arrests, without telling anybody. A shopkeeper who caught a thief and locked him up until police arrived is now charged with kidnapping, among other things.

We’re from the government, and we’re here to help. Oh, and that little thing called the Law? In yer dreams, pal.

And shame on the Globe and Mail for using the term “vigilante” and omitting any mention of the concept of the citizen’s arrest!

Hail to the Shining One, the Lord of the Silver Bow, Phoebus Apollo Helios!

The Divine Sun
The Averter of Evil, the Mouse-Catcher, the Delphinian, the Radiant God, the Watcher of the Heavens, graciously answered his priestess’s prayer and granted his gift of divine fire today to the nation of Canada.

He had withheld his favour from the past three Winter Olympics, so Canadians should feel especially εὐδαιμονίαι.

Good News for Freedom of Speech in Canada

The federal Canadian Human Rights Tribunal (the body that decides the cases that the “Human Rights” Commission persues) has declared that Section 13 of the Human Rights code (the “pre-crime” section — it allows extra-legal persecution of speech that is “likely to expose someone to ridicule”) violates the Charter of Rights and Freedoms.

This is great news in the fight against the wholly corrupt Canadian “Human Rights” commissions.