After the Iranian regime slaughtered dozens and maybe hundreds of protestors today, President Obama released a statement calling on the Iranians to not be “unjust” — to pick only the bad teenage girls to shoot in the head, I guess.

Then he went out for ice cream.

We can now reveal that the President had vanilla frozen custard in a cup with hot fudge and toasted almonds.


I have refrained from comment on the revolution-in-the-making in Iran because I would far rather pay attention to my infant daughter’s growing grasp of motor control.

But just the other day I expressed the hope that Obama’s apparent waffling on the Iran situation was aimed at not providing the regime with an excuse to suppress the protests as being instigated by the Great Satan.

But if that was the case, and he has now decided to change his approach, is “don’t be unjust” the best he can come up with? Surely there could have been some “grave concern” or “strongly-worded” diplo-speak.

But it is even more evident now than it has been that the President is simply floundering.

I predicted on his election that he would be the next Carter. Ironically, it looks like Iran will prove the character of both.