A New World

I seem to have just joined an elite club.

About an hour ago I started having trouble reading my computer screen. Things in the very center of my vision were blurry. After a couple of minutes, the blurriness resolved into a crescent-shaped shimmery patch just left of center. This gradually expanded and moved leftwards and out of my field of vision. Everything is still slightly sharp-edged with slight chromatic abberations.

A few minutes after that I began to get a throbbing headache in my right temple. It’s not quite debilitating yet, but I’m beginning to feel nauseus.

I understand that these are the symptoms of a classical migraine. Joy.

3 thoughts on “A New World”

  1. Have fun. The trick is to take something as soon as you start seeing things. Be grateful you have that warning; I don’t.

  2. Like the man said, it’s an honour I’d rather forego…

    I took some tylenol, and the headache wasn’t completely incapacitating, but I don’t know if the one follows from the other…

    Luckily I’ve had some practice dealing with nausea and dizziness in the past year or so :-)

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