Linguistic Field Notes from the First Plousikosmotic Expedition

More data is definitely needed.

\_sh v3.0  621  Text

\id JF.00001.001
\nt Observed in the context of a shared meal.  
\nt Note that there is a definite falling tone on the last mora of an utterance.

\ref JF.00001.001.00001
\tx soˈziːkʰ gaˈmaː
\ft mama
\nt Reference to JF.00001's mother, AF.00002.

\ref JF.00001.001.00002
\tx onɛˈziːkʰ kaˈvaː
\ft X
\nt Reference to JF.00001

\ref JF.00001.001.00003
\tx moˈʒiː goˈliːd
\ft daddy
\nt Reference to JF.00001's father, AM.00003.

\ref JF.00001.001.00004
\tx ogaˈmiː
\ft baby
\nt Reference to AF.00002's fetus, JM.00004.

\ref JF.00001.001.00005
\tx gozaˈmiː goˈvaː
\ft goodbye, X
\nt Uttered by AM.00003 when JF.00001 left the context of a shared meal.

\ref JF.00001.001.00006
\tx ˈogi goˈmiː
\ft hello, my friends
\nt Uttered by JF.00001 upon entering a group.

\ref JF.00001.001.00007
\tx goː laˈmiɣo
\ft kid

\ref JF.00001.001.00008
\tx ˌnoːgaˈliː
\ft friends

\ref JF.00001.001.00009
\tx gozaˈmiː
\ft excuse me
\nt Uttered by JF.00001 upon leaving the context of a shared meal; cf JF.00001.001.00005

\ref JF.00001.001.00010
\tx zogaˈmiʔo
\ft welcome
\nt Uttered by JF.00001 as others approached.

\ref JF.00001.001.00011
\tx zogaˈmikʰ zaˈvaː
\ft watch!
\nt Uttered by JF.00001 apparently to direct attention to an activity.

\ref JF.00001.001.00012
\tx ˈzogiː gaˈvaː
\ft watch, Mom & Dad!
\nt Uttered by JF.00001 specifically to parents AF.00002 and AM.00003, to direct attention to an activity.

\ref JF.00001.001.00013
\tx goˈmɒːn
\ft come on!
\nt Uttered by JF.00001 to urge AF.00002 to follow. Perhaps borrowed from English.