NeuroLab v1.1.0

I have released NeuroLab v1.1.0.

Highlights of this release include:

  • Abstract/Compact Notation: You can now build relational networks using the bidirectional nodes and links of the Abstract (formerly “Compact”) notation.
  • Subnetworks: There is a new item type that allows you to create sub-networks and link in and out of them.
  • Variable Link Lengths: You can now change the length of links (i.e. the number of time steps it takes for activation to spread through the link).

Neurocognitive Linguistics is an approach to linguistics developed by Sydney Lamb which uses relational networks to model what the brain actually does when it handles language. You can read more about it at the LangBrain site and Glottopedia.

Neurocognitive Linguistics Lab (“NeuroLab” for short) is a program that allows you to experiment with relational networks using a convenient GUI, and record the results of your experiments in tabular form.

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