Neurocognitive Linguistics Lab v1.0.2 Released

I have released a new version (1.0.2) of the Neurocognitive Linguistics Laboratory software.

The program is available for download for Windows, Mac OS X and Linux.

This update contains mostly user interface improvements, including:

  • Added some sample files to the distribution.
  • Cut and paste: you can now cut, copy and paste network items.
  • You can now zoom in and out of the network view.
  • Printing support: you can print network diagrams or export them to a variety of graphics formats.
  • Implemented node threshold learning similar to that in Colin Harrison’s dissertation.
  • Added a network item type for text labels.
  • Added some nice icons from the Silk icon set.
  • You can now edit common properties when more than one item is selected.

Please see the changelog for further details.

Neurocognitive Linguistics Lab (“NeuroLab” for short) is a program that allows you to experiment with the relational networks of Sydney Lamb‘s neurocognitive linguistics model using a convenient GUI, and record the results of your experiments in tabular form.

The Neurocognitive Linguistics Lab is Copyright (C) 2010 Gordon Tisher, and available under the terms of the BSD License.

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