Cheese and whine. Onna stick.

Gotta love the feeling of the onset of a viral infection. The tickle in the back of the throat last night, grown to a rasp in the morning. Just now my brain perceptibly started shutting down. The next few days are going to be fun.

But wait, there’s more. I put my back out yesterday lifting a box of paper into the trunk of my car at Staples. I should try to get some Worker’s Comp! I get back to work and call Arthur: “Uh, can you grab someone to help me with the office supplies?” So Ryan and Arthur come downstairs with slightly bemused looks on their faces.



Another Monday, another work week. Made much cheerier by the Sunshine! and Warmth! Everyone in the office was in t-shirts today.

Tested for my brown belt in TKD tonight. I’ve been skipping out a lot, so I was surprised at the positive comments from the judges. Gotta pick it up this next round, though. I was worried that there would be things on the test I hadn’t been in class for, but luckily the only unexpected thing was a jump side kick / palm-heel boardbreak combo that was a surprise for everybody. I happened to be first, and almost kicked poor Mr. Raphael’s head off, as I was concentrating on the break with the palm-heel instead of the target he was holding. But I jumped high and broke clean, so all’s good.

One of the younger and smaller brown belts got a commendation for taking me down confidently in the self-defense part. I think I dived a bit on that one, but I know I’m pretty intimidating for the smaller people in the class.

I guess I’m spoiled by my old Aikido class, where the smallest girls could toss me over their shoulders with the greatest of ease. Power and reach matter much more in TKD.


No updates for a few days . . . I’ve been very busy at work. We’ve got a new product to test in a week, so things are kinda hectic.

I’ve changed the title page to keep the last month’s worth of posts, just so it looks busier :-)