A Couple Months in the Life of Andrea & Gordon

This is the text of an email we just sent out to friends and family; I thought I’d reprise it here so as to spread the word…

Dear Friends & Family,

We thought that we should update you on what’s been going on in our
lives in the past few months. We’ve spoken to many of you in person, or
on Facebook or elsewhere, so much of this email may be redundant for
many of you, but we thought we’d send an email to try to catch up
everyone at once.

Our first bit of news is that we have moved! We sold our
650-square-foot condo in East Vancouver, and bought a 1450-square-foot
townhouse in Richmond, south of Vancouver. It feels pretty luxurious.

We are both on Facebook, should you wish to contact us there.

The commute to Regent College, where Andrea continues as the Music and
Worship Coordinator, is a bit better than from the old place. Andrea
will also finish up her Master’s degree in the spring. And Andrea’s
debut CD, Awake the Sacred Song, is nominated for two Canadian Gospel
Music Association Covenant Awards. Read all about it at

Gordon commutes by bus to downtown Vancouver, where he continues as a
software developer at Threewave Software, a video game studio.
Threewave develops multiplayer modes for major video games, including
the past year’s Turok and Army of Two for the Xbox 360 and
Playstation 3, and the upcoming Ghostbusters game from Sony.

All this would be exciting enough, but there is still one more item that
we thought you’d be interested in . . . drumroll please . . .

It turns out that we will be needing the extra space around the house,
since Andrea is now in her second trimester.

That’s right, we are expecting our first child in the second week of
April, 2009. We are, of course, both excited and terrified, and we look
forward to sharing this new stage of our life with you in the coming months.